Our Town - The Manning Valley

Places of Interest in the Manning Valley

Nundoobah Retreat

festival2011.jpg, 18kB The land on which Nundoobah Retreat is built was originally inhabited by the Aboriginal tribe of the Biripi. For many years, the Biripi people lived on seafood and the fruits of the magnificent rainforests that occupied the coastal plains of the Manning Valley. The name Taree is actually based on the Aboriginal word "Tareebit" meaning "fruit of the wild fig". The significance of the Aboriginal heritage has not been lost on Nundoobah Retreat. With the help of local Aboriginal artist Russell Saunders, the property is home to several magnificent carvings, reflecting different aspects of the Aboriginal culture and "The Dreaming".festival2011.jpg, 18kB The cottages have each been artistically decorated with Aboriginal sculptures, boomerangs, spears & paintings. Just wandering about the property you will experience a sense of awe at the magnificent history associated with this place. Biripi artist Russell Saunders operates out of "Deep Water Shark Gallery" in nearby Tinonee, where a wide range of his works are displayed.

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Saltwater National Park

Has special significance for the local Aboriginal community (Biripi). This National Park contains Aboriginal sites, which relate to Dreamtime beliefs and a section of the park has been declared an Aboriginal Place. There is swimming and surfing at the ocean beach and canoeing in the tranquil waters of Khappinghat Creek. Explore the Five Islands Walking Track, which follows Khappinghat Creek in the Nature Reserve. more...

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Brimbin Nature Reserve

12kms north west of Taree. Before its dedication in 1999, Brimbin Nature Reserve was crown land. This area is also significant to the local Biripi people. The name "Brimbin" is an Aboriginal word derived from "Borembit" or stringybark, a tree species common in the reserve. It is located on the banks of the Dawson River and Tommy Owens Creek, providing a tranquil waterside setting. more...

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Ellenborough Falls

Located on the Bulga Plateau at Elands, one hours drive north-west of Taree on Tourist Drive 8, Ellenborough Falls are a spectacular site. At 200 metres, it is one the longest single drop waterfalls in the Southern Hemisphere. A timbered walkway to the bottom of the falls with rest spots on the way provides a comfortable walk. There are also viewing platforms, barbecues, picnic tables and walking trails. more...

Cundletown Post Office


6km north of Taree, has become a suburb of Taree. Therefore it blends in with the surrounding countryside. It is located on the Dawson River to the north of Taree. Its main claim to historical fame is based on its connection with the poet Henry Kendall, famous for his poem 'Bellbirds' which generations of Australian schoolchildren learnt off by heart. Kendall lived in Cundletown from 1881-1882 and was employed as the local inspector of forests. He died of consumption in 1882. Kendall actually wrote about Taree in one of his poems.

'Tis where the green and gold is,
Secure from the storms and the sea,
Where never of winter's cold is,
The beautiful quiet Taree.

It is not one of Kendall's better poems. Kendall's connection with the town is commemorated by a monument in Kendall Reserve. Turn right at the Post Office.more...